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Session 1: Best practices in compost preparation

There are many ways compost can be prepared. But what does the experience from science and practice tell us about the best practices for compost preparation? In this first session of the Compost Dialogues, we will dive deep into this discussion in an interactive and dynamic session.

Relevant documents

In this section you can find relevant documents (e.g. scientific papers, institutional reports and a list of links to websites and other media content) to provide background information for the discussion.

Online session

For each online session we will start with a short presentation to set the scene for the discussion, which will be done in three breakout-out rooms to allow for a more in-depth discussion for each sub-topic. Comments from participants will be collected with the use of Miro boards. In this section you can find the presentation, the Miro board and the recording of the plenary session with the general discussion.

Take home messages

In this section, you can find the take home messages derived from the Miro board used in the discussion.  You can react to the take home messages in the comments section below.


Do you agree or disagree with the statements in the take home messages in the section above? Please leave your comments, suggestions and questions below and engage in this follow-up discussion.

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1 year ago

literature about composting is great

1 year ago

Kindly share the miro board notes for first dialogue

Mark van der Poel
1 year ago

That is good to hear, Dennis. I’m wondering, which piece in particular draws your attention?

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