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Compost Dialogues


Compost has been used by humans for millennia. In fact, before the invention of synthetic fertilizers, agricultural productivity depended on the reuse of organic waste and on the extraction of natural resources such as guano. Feeding the world must tackle the nutrient gap without destroying soil health, which is the foundation of regenerative food systems. Compost has the potential to boost agricultural productivity while regenerating soil health. But compost application can also lead to unrealistic expectations. Therefore, there is a need to exchange knowledge and experiences from scientists and practitioners in an inclusive way, thus helping those interested in producing and using compost.

In the Compost Dialogues, the Nakuru Living Lab gives voice to partners across the globe to share successes and failures with compost. Thus, learning with each other and helping local innovative communities to excel in their own initiatives. The Compost Dialogues will be organized in two online sessions, where we will dive deep into: Best practices in compost preparation (Session 1) and the Effects of compost application (Session 2).

The Sessions


PowerMessages are recorded with the PowerMessage app. A simple to use powerful tool that facilitates the members of the Nakuru Living Lab to record their challenges, insights and solutions in short video recordings. The PowerMessages can be shared by social media. Read More->

Prof. Yihenew G. Selassie shares his insights with a selfmade PowerMessage.