Nakuru Living Lab

Cross country visit

REFOOTURE project funded by IKEA through Wageningen university is implemented in three East Africa countries; Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya. Between May and June 2022, project representatives in the three countries held cross country visits to learn and share ideas on the working of the living lab in each country. Different representatives from Wageningen university also joined the East Africa cross country visits.

Introduction meeting
Reflection meeting at the end of visit

The visit to Kenya, Nakuru living lab started with a brief meeting in which Prof. Bebe briefed the participants on the journey taken in the formation of the living lab which started with scoping studies. The Kenyan team elaborated on each innovation case and the activities undertaken. During the week, the guest visited the innovation cases where they learned more on the innovations and also shared experiences from their respective countries. They also offered advice on areas of improvement with the innovators (farmers). At the end of the visit, there was time for reflection comparing the living lab in the three countries.

Menengai CFA tree nursery
Green vision experimental plot
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