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Empowering Menengai Community with Visioning Activities using GALS Tool!

We are excited to share with the Menengai community the amazing experience we had during our recent Gender Action Learning System (GALS) tool visioning activity! We set out on a life-changing adventure with the Menengai community. Below is a summary of our joint accomplishments:

1. Vision Mapping
Individuals and groups throughout the community created vision maps. These maps showed their hopes, dreams, and the measures they needed to take to get there.

2. Goal Setting: SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) goals were established by the participants.
– Gender equality and enabling men and women to contribute equally were emphasized.
3. Action Planning
– Created concise action plans to address obstacles and seize opportunities.
– Given priority to initiatives that promoted mutual support and community harmony. 4. Reflection and sharing
– Encouraged candid conversations regarding advancements, challenges, and triumphs.
– Promoted an environment that is always learning and adapting.

Why It Matters:

-Empowerment: The Menengai community’s men and women acquired the self-assurance and abilities to take control of their own destiny.
– Equality: Encouraged gender-sensitive methods to make sure that the opinions of both men and women are respected and heard.
– Community Building: Enhanced ties between neighbors via cooperative efforts and common objectives.

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