Nakuru Living Lab

Green vision

What is our innovation case about?

We, Green Vision, are a group of 16 smallholder farmers located in Elburgon, Nakuru County. We started to collaborate in 2021 with the aim to take care of the environment. We established a tree and fruit seedling nursery. In 2017, we started to venture in seed potato production because potatoes were scarce and costs of clean seed was high. Therefore, we took the initiative in our own hand and started producing seed potato.

What is our innovation challenge?

Our innovation challenge is mainly on the seed potato production. We are looking on how to source clean organic fertilizer for seed potato production. We are also looking for suitable technology to minimize the bacterial load in the soil. And we need support to negotiate contract farming for supply of quality seed potato and potato.

Our position in the food systems transformation towards regeneration and inclusion is:

As a group, we have a large proportion of women and youth involved in our activities and leadership position. We achieve better prices for our produce and therefore contribute to better livelihood for our people. Our production include regenerative principles like use of organic manure, intercropping, crop rotation and zero-tillage.