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Griincom and Ressect innovation cases takes a learning journey to Ololo farm

Cage composting

The two innovation cases are engaged in value addition of waste into organic fertilizer and feed protein.  In August 2021, members of the two innovation cases visited Ololo farm in Kajiado county, where they observed regenerative and circularity aspects in practice. The farm occupies 5 of the 20 acres land owned by the Ololo lodge. Food waste from the lodge section is fed to the black soldier flies for production of larvae used as protein feed for the over 1000 poultry birds. The organic fertilizer, a by-product in the process is used at the farm in production of organic vegetables consumed at the lodge. The farm also recycles some of their organic waste through cage composting. The liquid from the vermin-composting section is collected and used as Foliar feed for the vegetables.

The effect of the organic fertilizer could be seen in the deep green color and the size of the vegetables.

The members of the two innovation cases were challenged on seeing the effect of regenerative practices in such a dry environment and felt they could do much more in Nakuru where the weather is much more conducive for farming.

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