Nakuru Living Lab

Hotspring Youth Group

Innovation challenge: how to enlarge the fish production to larger ponds and become commercially viable?

What is our innovation case about?

We, Hotspring youth group, ventured into 38 fish ponds, which we stocked with tilapia fish. We did that because we are located in a dry area with little rainfall, which affects our food security situation. By introducing more diverse food production, we would minimize our dependency on crop.

We also do environmental conservation through tree seedling production and afforestation, specifically targeting the hot-spring catchment area. This catchment area needs to be conserved to secure food.

We involve youth and women in our activities.

What is our innovation challenge?

Our main innovation challenge is how to improve the water quality for fish farming in the catchment ecosystem? We are looking for regenerative ways to manage pond water.

The position in the food systems transformation towards regeneration and inclusion is:

Our innovation case can play an important role in the food system transformation as we combine ecosystem conservation and food production in a more sustainable way. Furthermore, we offer income opportunities for women and youth and we welcome new members.