Nakuru Living Lab

Innovation support services

Nakuru Living Lab supports the innovation cases by playing the role of network brokerage and providing the following support services:

Facilitating knowledge exchange, evidence generation and capacity building

  • Bring on board and facilitate the exchange of required knowledge to develop and implement the innovation
  • Validate the regenerative and inclusive practices of the innovation
  • Offer tailored training and coaching activities

Networking, market development and regional branding

  • Organise matchmaking activities with other businesses and potential consumers
  • Inspire for innovation by learning journeys and co-creation workshops
  • Brand the Nakuru Living Lab community as the community that fosters food systems transformation towards a more environmentally friendly and inclusive way.

Access to finance

  • Identify suitable options for financing technical equipment or R&D activities and help to access finance options
  • Support the development of business models for sustaining and upscaling existing and future innovation cases

Policy and partnership

  • Organise dialogues with relevant policy makers, investors and NGO’s to strengthen the institutional environment
  • Organise meetings and workshops to build partnerships for food systems transformation 

Depending on the needs of current and new innovation cases, the Nakuru Living Lab will provide new innovation support services in the near future.