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PowerMessage Application

This app allows remote communities to produce short and impactful video pitches. The application is designed for participants to share their experiences, pose questions and address the challenges they face. They can also ask for contributions or feedback and exchange ideas with others by pro-actively engaging with others both near to them and far away. The produced videos can be tailored to one’s own desire by sharing your own ideas. The videos do not require much editing and can be easily shared across various applications once finalized.

The strength of the app is that it supports personal storytelling, which is known to have a great impact and invites people to get involved into the dialogue. The application allows for a good flow in the video pitch, since it allows you to enter short text prompts that show on your screen while you take the video. The video is ready in a few minutes and sharing is easily done through a variety of options (email, Whatsapp, etc).

To access the app, download the PowerMessage application directly from the Play Store or Apple Store, or use the QR links as provided in the manual found below.

After recording, your PowerMessage will be saved to your device. Freely share the PowerMessage with your contacts!

For more information, please visit: 

The PowerMessage is an app developed by CreShare.

PowerMessage app manual