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Innovation vouchers handed out to innovation cases!

Happy New Year to you all!

We would like to start this new year with some happy news: The Nakuru Living Lab (as part of the REFOOTURE project) handed out the first ‘innovation vouchers’ to entrepreneurs working on local innovations that aim to support food systems transformation towards regeneration and inclusion.

Innovation vouchers provide entrepreneurs financial support for a specific innovation challenge that their business is facing. The voucher can be used for specific experimentation, training or coaching, or… whatever support the entrepreneurs think they need to bring their innovation further and support the development of regenerative, inclusive food systems.

James of Greenthumb Community Based Organisation is one of the recipients of the first innovation vouchers. He gave the Nakuru Living Lab a big compliment for the approach:

‘We thank the Nakuru Living Lab and the people who put together the programme for involving us in our own businesses, rather than telling us what we should do’.

The needs, insights and knowledge of the entrepreneurs are key to set their own innovation targets and make local innovations successful.

Greenthumb CBO is a Youth group started in 2014 that aim to empower youth financially through aquaponics. Aquaponics allow intensive fish production on small and even urban areas. They are also producing organic vegetables and they have a bakery. At the moment, the group has 1 greenhouse with pond and vegetable plots. Greenthumb CBO is promoting circularity in farming practices via aquaponics. They will use the innovation voucher to experiment with new ways to make the business more commercially viable. See for more info: Greentumb – Nakuru Living Lab

Also, the other innovation cases that are linked to the Nakuru Living Lab have received vouchers to work on their innovation challenge. Have a look on the website to learn more!

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