Nakuru Living Lab

Lare-Njoro Farmers

What is our innovation case about?

We, Lare Njoro Farmers’ cooperative Society, are established in 2016. We are a group of smallholder farmers that share resources to improve our livelihoods and wellbeing. Dairy farming is our core business. We have 137 members and a large part are women. 20 youth are also engaged.  Climate change and the related drought is quite an issue in our area and we are taking actions to decrease our vulnerability.

With the help of WOTRO funding, Egerton University and Wageningen University & Research has helped us improving the milk production, increasing sales through value addition and improving the conditions for membership.

What is our innovation challenge?

Our main challenges are related to innovation in dairy products in a way that we are able to access a larger local market share. We are mainly looking for product diversification.

Our position in the food systems transformation towards regeneration and inclusion

In our production process, we make use of animal manure and use biofix for biological nitrogen fixation. We also cultivate drought tolerant crops. And we conserve water by growing cover crops and we harvest road runoff water for agricultural use. We also make use of indigenous technical knowledge like hot pepper for post-harvest grain storage. Our energy is green and coming from self-generated biogas.