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PowerMessage app

When COVID 19 closed down national and international travel, and face to face meetings were and are still limited, we felt a strong need to find new ways to reach out to people that could help our innovation cases. 

Nakuru Living Lab and REFOOTURE initiative therefore have invited the 8 innovation case leaders to take part in the PowerMessage training. The PowerMessage is an app, developed by CreShare.  

What can you do with the PowerMessage app? 

The app allows remote communities to produce short and impactful video pitches where they can ask questions and share their challenges, ask for contributions and exchange of ideas and pro-actively engage people from near and far into the co-creation. The produced videos do not require much editing and can be easily shared online. 

The strength of the app is that it support the personal storytelling, which is known to have a great impact and invite people to get involve into the dialogue. The videos are ready in a few minutes, sharing is easily done and the story told is authentic. 

Download PowerMessage for free:

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