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Innovation challenge RESSECT: How to improve the production efficiency and access market for our different products?

What is our innovation case about?

We, RESSECT, are an innovation platform, located at Egerton University. We solve three problems: high cost of animal feed, poor waste management, and the low profit margin in fish and pig farms due to the high cost of feeds.

We use  black solder flies to compost waste. First, we produce black soldier fly larvae that can be used as a cheaper source of animal protein to feed livestock and fish. Second, we produce organic fertilizer, a byproduct in this process, with great potential to improve soil fertility and pH.

The position in the food systems transformation towards regeneration and inclusion is:

RESSECT plays an important role in the food systems transformation as it reduces food waste and produce nutrients for plants and animals from organic waste. In this way, RESSECT plays an important role in closing the waste cycle and helps to improve soil fertility. RESSECT offer income opportunities for youth and women.

What is our innovation challenge?

  1. All our activities are manual and we lack the finance to mechanise the production process at the moment.
  2. We are also looking for innovative ways to sell our product for instance by a good website.

At the moment, RESSECT only has a chopper to process the agricultural waste in a way that the black soldier fly larvae can consume the waste and produce organic fertilizer. All other steps in the production process are done manually, which largely affects the production quantities. Therefore, we would like to get in touch with you about your ideas on how to help us mechanizing our production process. Take soon part in our online discussion and contact the Nakuru Living Lab Team to support us: